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The Out Seer are a Canadian rock band founded by guitarist, Ashley Pearce, as a means of pursuing creative projects and original music with friends. They are an active and educated group of musicians, with each member bringing unique expertise to the table. Between them, they hold diplomas from Selkirk College's Contemporary Music & Technology Program and a Bachelor of Music from UBC. Together, they form a tight-knit group based in The Greater Vancouver Area, where they can be found working on various projects and gigs, while enjoying their time at Apricot Music Studios.

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Our Newest Single!



“The Out Seer is the kind of band made for those who like unique bands, with that distinctive vocal, demonstrating an intense and powerful voice, combined with heavy riffs and solos worthy of a great band. Moreover, they incorporate many elements and genres into their sound, including Hard Rock, Melodic Metal, Post Grunge, Alternative Metal, and much more!”


Metal Junkbox

“[Lost Again] stands out for the way in which the music and vocals complement each other, resulting in a cohesive, dynamic song. Despite the strength and hardness of its nature, this song flows naturally and smoothly to the ears of the listeners. The vocal performance is part of the magic, presenting a raw but emotionally charged sound.”



“[Lost Again] is addictive from the first few seconds, gifting us with melancholic riffs in a Grunge style that envelops and invites headbanging. What we liked most about the track is the brutality of the emotion conveyed by the vocalist, fitting perfectly with the feelings of annoyance and bitterness. It's an ideal song for you if you're a fan of projects like 'Marilyn Manson,' so if you enjoyed it, don't hesitate to follow them on all their social media platforms."


End Sessions

"A weekly tradition within the Vancouver area won’t only be turning up on Sunday this week as New Westminster band Marry Me will be joined by The Out Seer‘s this Friday night to show the people at The Roxy how to party."


Evolution 107.9

" ‘Good Feelings‘ from Vancouver, British Columbia-based indie-rock outfit The Out Seer is one of the catchiest (in a good way) tracks you might dare to listen to this year. With a scintillatingly skilful lead singer, powerful guitars and lyrical honesty that is rather rare these days, this is a new single to be totally enthused by. This is rock music at its most exciting in the underground, as we are swept in by a song that might be caught in your mind for ages as you hum this tune in joyous unison. "


A&R Factory Music Blog


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